The Society of Jewellery Historians’ Conference 2022

Saturday 2nd July 2022

Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly,
London W1J 0BE.


Jewellery in Texts: Texts in Jewellery


Signet ring
Alexandria (Egypt); western, possibly Europe
100 BC – 1 BC; 1250-1350
Engraved gold set with a sapphire intaglio
Copyright: Victoria and Albert Museum


Lecture Programme:

  1. Greek and Latin inscriptions on antique engraved gems and rings (Greek, Etruscan, Roman).
    Sébastien Aubry (Scientific Associate, University of Liège ; Research Fellow, Cantonal Museum of Archaeology and History, Lausanne).
  2. Gemstones in Royal inventories and crowns in the 14th-century.
    Professor Hans Albert Gilg (Chair of Engineering Geology, Technical University of Munich).
  3. Claude Munier, gem merchant and lapidary in late Renaissance Lisbon.
    Hugo Miguel Crespo (Centre for History, University of Lisbon).
  4. Precious Secrets – Pearls and coral in Early Modern Medical Recipes.
    Juliet Claxton (Independent lecturer and researcher).
  5. ‘Live to die’: A 17th-century memento mori ring.
    Suzanne van Leeuwen (Junior Curator and Conservator of Jewellery, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam).
  6. Jewellery with sentimental inscriptions in Sicily 1850-1900
    Roberta Cruciata (Researcher of History of Modern Art, University of Palermo).
  7. References to Tiffany in 19th-century fictional literature published in the United States.
    Cristina Vignone (Assistant Archivist, Tiffany & Co. Archives).
  8. Not so Hidden Messages – An exploration of Contemporary Artist Jewellers using text as persuasive statement.
    Sarah Rothwell (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Design, National Museums of Scotland).

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£95 for non-members and guests
£42 for students

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