ФАБЕРЖЕ: a loan exhibition of the works of Carl Fabergé

November 8th -25th, 1949


Wartski’s 1949 exhibition was the first ever devoted wholly to Fabergé. The three hundred and eighty three exhibits represented his finest works and included Imperial Eggs, hardstone figures, flowers and many other pieces from the Royal Family, Museums and private collections.

Sacheverell Sitwell concluded his introduction by writing:

‘Let us enjoy the imagination and the craftsmanship and look upon techniques and processes that may be lost forever! An Aladdin’s Cave of invention lies here, open for our admiration. There are Imperial Easter Eggs, objects from a Russian fairy story, and side by side with them, pieces which recall the reign of Catherine the Great. But, above and beyond all else, this is the Old World before the two World War: the Old World in enjoyment and luxury before disaster came.’