Paper Clip, Carl Fabergé, 1911

Enamel, Diamonds and Silver


enamelled translucent blue over a sunburst guillochage centred with a rose cut diamond, bordered by a chased green gold laurel wreath with red gold ties, the fin to the top bordered by a meandering band of opaque white enamel.

In its original silk and velvet lined fitted holly wood case, the lid silk stamped in Cyrillic ‘Faberge, St Petersburg, Moscow, London’ beneath the Imperial warrant.

Workmaster: Fedor Afanassiev
St Petersburg, 1911
Inventory Number: 17078
91 zolotnik silver standard

Length: 4.9cm
Width: 2.7cm
Height: 1.8cm



Purchased by Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain, consort to King Alphonso XIII, from Faberge’s London branch at 173 New Bond Street for £8 15s on 27th July, 1911.


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Geoffrey Munn (Woodbridge, 2015), page 177.

Faberge: Court Jeweller to the Tsars, G von Habsburg-Lothringen and A von Solodkoff (London, 1979), plate 59.

Exhibited in The Last Flowering of Court Art: A Russian private collection of Faberge (Wartski, 2010), no.11.