Imperial Case, Carl Fabergé, 1910

Silver-gilt, enamel and sapphire


gold mounted silver-gilt of rounded rectangular form, enamelled with alternating stripes of translucent yellow enamel over a triangular guillochage and opaque white enamel, the thumbpiece denoted by a circular cabochon sapphire, the lid embellished with an Imperial double headed eagle in enamel.

Chief Workmaster: Michael Perchin
St Petersburg, 1896-1903
Inventory Number: 7777

Length: 8.8cm
Width: 5.5cm



Purchased from Fabergé by Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna on 5th January, 1910 for 250 roubles. The Tsar and Tsarina bought the case through their joint account, paying 125 roubles each.

Sold by Wartski on 15th December, 1949
for £140, inventory number 580.


Fabergé: a loan exhibition of the works of Carl Fabergé, Jeweller and Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia (Wartski, 1949), number 282.

The Last Flowering of Court Art: a Russian private collection of Fabergé (Wartski, 2010), number 31.

Yellow Cig Case Ledger Page
The original invoice from Fabergé to Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna, written in German and dated 5th January, 1910.


‘1 cigarette case (7777 inventory number)
250 (roubles) 1/2 125 (roubles)’