An Enamelled Silver-gilt Case by Carl Fabergé

St Petersburg, 1908-1917


of rectangular form, enamelled with opaque pink, blue, white and green stripes, mounted with a chased gold border with stylised acanthus leaf design, the thumb piece denoted by a deep blue cabochon sapphire.

Chief Workmaster: Henrik Wigström

Length: 8.5cms
Width: 5.8cms
Depth:1 cm.


Originally purchased by Lord Alington from Fabergé’s London branch on 4th April, 1914.

Original Design

A watercolour and ink design survives as part of an album of drawings from Henrik Wigström’s workshop.

Fabergé in London

The case bears both Russian and English import marks, dating the piece to 1910-1911. Items intended to be sold through the firm’s English branch, which were made in precious metals, first had to receive English assay marks. This involved sending unfinished components to London to be assayed before any enamel could be applied by the Russian workshops – a laborious and costly process.

Faberge Bond Street
Carl Fabergé’s shop at 173 New Bond Street, London.