Brooch, Carl Fabergé, 1899

Enamel, Gold and Diamonds


decorated with vivid purple enamel set above a sunburst guillochage, applied with a branch of gold cherry blossom set with rose cut diamonds, a scrolling Rococo border surround highlighted with four diamonds.

Moscow, 1899
Inventory number: 14039

Length 3.4cm
Width 2.7cm


The brooch was originally acquired from Fabergé’s shop in St Petersburg on 14th August, 1899. The ledger entry records that the jewel was purchased for a voyage to Darmstadt and Skierniewice. The Imperial family made a visit to both Darmstadt and Skierniewice in the Autumn of 1899 and would have acquired numerous gifts before their departure to present to their hosts.


The brooch was displayed as part of Japonisme: From Falize to Fabergé (Wartski, 2011) and is illustrated as number 134 in the accompanying catalogue.