Brooch, Lucien Falize, c.1895

Gold and diamond


in the form of an intricately chased chimera, the feline head clasping a diamond in its jaws, the muscular body sprouting meticulously rendered feathered wings, its back developing a spiked griffin’s tail seen between the two wings and subsequently supporting the creature, its paws firmly grasping it as it forms the lower framework of the jewel.

Signed with the Bapst et Falize poinçon registered after the end of the partnership Lucien Falize and Germain Bapst formed between 1880 and 1892.

Paris, c.1895.

Height: 4cm


A comparable gold and diamond set brooch in the form of a chimera, also bearing the mark of Bapst and Falize, is illustrated on page 226 of Falize: a dynasty of jewellers by Katherine Purcell (Thames and Hudson, 1999).