A Jewelled and Enamelled Gold Bracelet by Castellani,

Rome, c.1880


yellow gold, enamelled opaque black with gold lettering reading  ‘FIDES, AMOR, SPES, VITA, DECUS, SALUS’  (faith, love, hope, life, beauty, health), the words separated by the bracelet’s reeded gold cylindrical hinges mounted top and bottom with cabochon sapphires and octagonal panels also enamelled black and mounted in the medieval taste with sugar loaf cabochon sapphires and rubies.

Signed by Castellani on the reverse of the octagonal panels.

Rome, circa 1880.

Diameter: 5.9 x 5.3 cm (not a perfect oval). Inner circumference: 17cm approx. Octagonal elements: 2.3 cm.



Casteallni sale 1930


The bracelet matches one from the collection of Alfredo Castellani sold in Rome in 1930, pictured above.