An Imperial enamelled gold and gem-set egg pendant by Carl Fabergé

Circa 1900


the top of the egg decorated with opaque lavender enamel with divisions of opaque white with gold tooling, the base of each purple section decorated with chased gold scallops, a single row of rose cut diamonds running around the centre, the bottom comprising of a single mecca stone cabochon.

St Petersburg, c.1900,

2.3 cm including loop

Presented as a gift from the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna to her sister-in-law Princess Marie of Denmark (1865-1909), wife of Prince Valdemar of Denmark (1858-1939). Thence by descent.

Mecca stones are chalcedonies gently stained pink. They were highly fashionable in Imperial Russia. The examples in this pendant shimmer between tones of grey, blue and pink.