An Enamelled Silver and Wooden Frame by Carl Fabergé

St Petersburg, 1908-1917


in maple wood, centred with a ring of lilac guilloché enamel decorated with applied branches of chased silver laurel leaves and punctuated with silver roundels centred with six petaled flower heads, a chased silver acanthus leaf border surrounding the enamel, a reeded silver inner ring surrounding the domed glass aperture, a wooden strut and back panel to the reverse.

Workmaster: Anders Nevalainen

Diameter: 20.4cm


The family of James H. Hill, who was a railroad pioneer in America in the early 1900’s and known as ‘The Empire builder’. F Scott Fitzgerald mentioned Hill in his seminal novel The Great Gatsby, where he wrote that Mr Gatz (Gatsby’s father) likened his son to Hill, saying he would have “helped build up this country” if he had survived.