Locket, Lucien Falize, c.1878

Enamel and gold


decorated with vivid translucent and opaque enamels, the lid bearing the letters IHS signifying Jesus in Greek carried out in Royal blue and purple translucent enamels, variously supported, interwoven with and overlaid by a winged fantastic creature of scarlet translucent enamel shown against a background of opaque turquoise further embellished with a trail of green enamelled ivy leaves, the whole evocative of the lavishly painted ornamentation of Medieval manuscripts.

The reverse of the jewel is decorated with stylised floral and foliate motifs carried out in translucent hues of Royal blue, scarlet red, purple, yellow, green and turquoise shown against a contrasting background of opaque ivory enamel.

The hinged cover opens to reveal a glazed compartment within, the lid and base decorated with Royal blue opaque counter enamel.

circa 1878.

For examples of jewellery by Falize decorated with similar calligraphy and fantastic creatures, see the bracelets and brooches illustrated pages 71, 228 and 229 of ‘Falize, A Dynasty of Jewellers’ by Katherine Purcell.