An enamelled gold Imperial photograph frame by Carl Fabergé


the gold frame enamelled translucent pale blue over a moiré engine turned ground, centred by an oval aperture within a beaded gold bezel and mounted with a green gold laurel festoon suspended from a red gold ribbon bow, stood on two gadrooned gold feet and edged with a dot-dash engraved gold border, supported on a hinged scrolled gold strut formed as an ‘A’ incorporating an arrow .

Containing an original photograph showing Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorvona, with Grand Duchess Olga sat on the Empress’ lap.

Chief Workmaster: Michael Perchin, St. Petersburg , inventory number: 52711.

6.6 cm high by 4.4 cm across.



Purchased by Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorvona on 22nd January, 1896 from Fabergé’s branch in St Petersburg. Its cost of 105 roubles was split between their separate accounts, indicating the frame was acquired in order to be given away as a gift.