An Enamelled Gold Brooch by Tiffany & Co

New York, c.1900


in the form of an edelweiss flower, the petals, stem and leaves all decorated with opaque white enamel, the centre of the blossom highlighted with a cluster of pearls.

Signed: TIFFANY & CO

Length: 5.5cm

Presented in its original fitted case in dark brown leather, the burgundy lid satin stamped in gold ‘TIFFANY & CO, NEW YORK/AVE DEL’OPERA 36, PARIS.’

Edelweiss thrives in an inhospitable terrain at high altitudes on rocky ground. It has become a symbol of courage and the endurance of love.



The design for the edelweiss pin is illustrated on page 74 of ‘Tiffany Jewels’ by John Loring.

In 1887, a New York newspaper records “in jewelry, something very new and deliciously pretty are pins of enamel flowers with centres of diamonds or other stones. The Swiss edelweiss, with its dead white petals…is the purest and most beautiful form.”