An early 18th century posy ring

Hearts united live contented


yellow gold, the interior engraved in italicised script:

‘Hearts united live contented’

Maker’s mark, ‘DA’ under a crown.

English, circa 1720.

The inscription and variants of its spelling are recorded in English Posies and Posy Rings, by Dame Joan Evans, (London, 1931 & 2012), pg 47.

UK Finger size T




Discovered by a metal detectorist on cultivated land in Musbury, East Devon on 28th April 2012. The ring was declared to H.M’s Coroner as treasure, given treasure case number: 2012 T358 and recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme as DEV-62D777.

The ring was slightly misshapened when unearthed and has been straightened.