A Victorian Silver Spirit Measure by Louis Dee

London, 1881


in the form of a molar, the roots ingeniously forming the three feet, engraved with the motto “Just a toothful“, meaning a small shot of drink, infilled with opaque blue enamel on both sides.

Height: 8.5 cm

One foot stamped with a registration mark which records the design was registered for copyright on 21st May, 1875.

Like so much of the Dee family’s work, this tooth captures the sensibilities and interests of English Victorian society, imbued with a sense of whimsy, surrealism and disquiet. Established by Thomas William Dee in 1827, the firm continued under the management of his two sons Henry William and Louis from 1867. Their designs show a myriad of influences; Chinese and Japanese art and culture; new discoveries in science and technology; satirical cartoons and caricatures, as well as Gothic literature and the theatre. The famous jewellery shop Giuliano were among their London based retailers.