A Ruby and Diamond Bracelet by Cartier.

London, c.1930


strung with ruby beads in the Indian taste, between brilliant and step cut diamond mounts.

Signed: ‘Cartier, London’
Numbered: 1202.

19 cm in length by 1.7 cm width.



Cartier was intoxicated by the rich jewellery history of India.  Jacques Cartier visited the country in 1911 and initiated the cultural exchange between his Parisian House and the sub-continent. He became friends with and won the patronage of many prominent Indian families, including the Royal families of  Patiala, Nawanagar, Kapurthala and Baroda. Cartier remodelled the Maharajahs’ gems and took also inspiration from the Indian style for its own creations. This bracelet in its use of ruby beads and geometric diamond motifs  is reminiscent of a ruby necklace made by Cartier for the Maharajah of Patiala.