Important Necklace, Carl Faberge, c.1908

Sapphire, diamond, silver and gold


formed from thirteen graduating clusters of oval, brilliant cut, blue sapphires encircled by rose cut diamonds, joined by rose and brilliant diamond set bows suspending diamond set floral swags supported on openwork galleries, set in silver and mounted on gold (with later matching earrings).

By Fabergé’s Chief Jeweller: Albert Holmström St Petersburg, 1908.



Privately acquired from a European Princely Family

This necklace is an incredibly rare work and prized work of art by Carl Fabergé. Items of jewellery were by far the most expensive works at Fabergé and a jewel of this scale of would have been a considerable purchase.

It is remarkable that the necklace has survived, as most in Russia were destroyed after the revolution in 1917, when they were broken up to extract the precious stones. As a result, most surviving necklaces come from European families, because they were either bought outside of Russia, or taken out of the country once they had been purchased