Cufflinks, Giuliano, c.1880



consisting of four yellow gold pentagonal terminals cast and chased to depict the truncated profile of a helmeted warrior, possibly  Achilles, the links applied with oval cartouches bearing Giuliano’s mark.

Signed: ‘C.G.’ for Carlo Giuliano.
London, c.1880

Length of terminal: 1.9cm
Width of terminal: 1.4cm


Giuliano cast the gold terminals from a plaster impression taken of a sard intaglio mounted in a gold ring from the permanent collection of the British Museum.

For more information about Carlo Giuliano and his work,
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The Giuliano Family, The Connoisseur, 1975

Information about the intaglio:

Acquired by The British Museum in 1814, inv. 1913,0307.203


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– A.H. Smith & A.S. Murray, A Catalogue of engraved gems in the British Museum, London 1888, no. 1385 (described as ancient, and possibly depicting Achilles).

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With thanks to Hadrien Rambach for
identifying the original intaglio.