A guilloché enamelled silver photograph frame by Carl Fabergé

St Petersburg, 1898-1908


of rectangular form, centred by a rectangular aperture beneath glass held in a beaded silver bezel, enamelled translucent pale pink over a waved guillochage within a reeded silver border tied with bows, backed with a wooden panel and supported on a scrolled silver strut, traces of the original gilding remaining on the frame.

Workmaster: Anders Nevalainen
Inventory No.: 15547
91 zolotnik silver

Dimensions: 19.3 cm x 15.3 cm

Aperture: 14.2 cm x 10.2 cm


Exhibited in ‘The Last Flowering of Court Art: A Russian private collection of Fabergé’ (Wartski, 2010) and illustrated as number 39 in the accompanying catalogue.

Virtually all of Fabergé’s pieces have a scratched inventory number on them. The numbers were used by the firm as a means of controlling its stock. The chronology of Fabergé’s inventory numbers indicate the frame was made towards the end of the period 1896-1908. An opalescent blue enamel photograph frame with the following inventory number 15548 was bought by Her late Majesty Queen Alexandra from Fabergé’s London branch on 28th October, 1907.