Brooch, Carlo Giuliano, c.1880

Gold and Enamel


a yellow gold ladder supporting the figure of a Harlequin holding a gold slapstick  decorated with hand painted enamel, the face disguised by a characteristic black mask.

Carlo Giuliano
London, c1880

In the Commedia dell’arte, Harlequin is characterized by his distinctive chequered costume. His role is that of a light-hearted and nimble servant. He pursues his love interest, Colombina, with wit and resourcefulness.

The ladder is an emblem of the aspirations of love, each step representing a
different stage in the course of falling in love.

See pg 76 of ‘The Triumph of Love’ by Geoffrey Munn (Thames and Hudson, 1993) for another Giuliano jewel based around a golden ladder.

Vicissitudes of Love and Matrimony