Brooch, Cartier, c.1905

Platinum, diamond and silk


centred by a floral diamond cluster, a row of diamonds running through the centre of  the black moiré silk, the border set with rose cut diamonds, all mounted in platinum.

Signed ‘Cartier, Paris, Londres’
Inventory Number: 4347(?)
Circa 1906

Length: 5.2cm

For comparable examples see page 48 of The Cartier Collection (Flammarion, 2004)

Cartier’s jewellery designs during this period were often derived from decorative motifs found in 18th Century sketches for interior decoration. In particular, Cartier referred to J P Pouget’s Traite des Pierres Precieuses published in 1762. In it are designs for ornaments which incorporate stylised bows, tassels and flower baskets; motifs which were very popular with Cartier during this period.