Decanter, Gift from Queen Victoria, c.18….

LOW RES Claret

A Silver-mounted Claret Jug by Robert Hennell, of bulbous form, the clear glass container etched with eight pointed stars to the surface. Mounted in silver, with a pierced fretwork collar, the handle formed from a beaded rope design, with further beading to the finial and pourer.

The neck of the jug is decorated with an elaborate cartouche, within which is written ‘VR to JB, Christmas 1872’.

Maker’s mark: ‘RH’ for Robert Hennell London, 1860.


In 1872, Queen Victoria endured a sixth assassination attempt. Whilst she was alighting from a carriage, a young Irishman named Arthur O’Connor ran towards her with a pistol. Thankfully, the gun was not loaded. John Brown, who was at the Queen’s side at the time, knocked the boy to the ground before Victoria had realized what was happening. For his bravery, he was awarded a special gold medal.

The claret jug, inscribed ‘VR to JB, Christmas 1872’, was given to John Brown as a Christmas gift, later in the same year.