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Pomander, German, 16th Century

Silver and Silver-gilt

Pomander 16th cenrtury 1 jpg

in the Mannerist taste, the exterior engraved with attributes of the goddess Venus: amorini, forget-me-nots, roses and gilly flowers (an emblem of fidelity). These alternate between three panels engraved with gods: Mars with his helmet, shield and lance; his mother Juno with the peacock and Venus with a radiant heart in one hand and her own son Cupid in the other.

The pomander opens to reveal six hollow segments secured to a central fire-gilt and engraved stem. The sliding lid of each compartment is labelled as follows, clockwise:

Canel (Cinnamon), Negelren (Cloves) Muskat (Nutmeg), Schlag (a composite of ambergris, musk and civet- it was considered a remedy for stroke like illnesses) Bernstein (Amber), Rosamarin (Rosemary).

German, 16th Century.